Part of Life

Our life is made up of many wonderful things. We try to enjoy every moment we get. Atleast I do. And many parts combine to form our life. It’s not just good things but the bad things also become a part. The life continues and with our life these become an essential element. We cannot live without these now. It is difficult to imagine life without these bad things.

Now why I am talking like this?? It’s related to the current bomb blasts in India. These bomb blasts have become an essential element. We cannot live without them. And we die when they happen. This is now old news. I am blogging about this after almost five days. There is no reason for the delay. But I wanted to write about this. Sadly I was afraid of more serial blasts to come. So just thought of waiting. Good thing is that they didn’t happen.

You can read the stories about the blasts on below links.
Bagaluru Blasts
Ahmedabad Blasts
Just as I said in my first few lines they are now part of our life. They happen, make good food for news channels, condolences here and there, Visits by our ministers and the news fades quickly. We forget and our government forgets about it. No one gets arrested and the successful killers get ready for the next blasts. This is a good life to live. Isn’t it??

Our Home Minister is one such person who doesn’t know what action to take. He just repeats the lines he said for the previous blasts and moves ahead. I saw his speeches on a news channel for past few blasts. No one got arrested. If you remember I wrote a post about Jaipur Blasts. What happened?? Who got arrested?? Just one terrorist group claims the bomblasts and it’s finished. Nothing to do more. Surprisingly there were blasts planned in Surat, Chennai and Jaipur again.

Just like we adjust ourselves to price hike or the floods, tornados etc. we have to get used to bomb blasts. After all they are part of our life.

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