Posting for myself

I’m a selfish person. I’ve may have told this before. For those who don’t know be aware of this fact now. The reason for this to write is again the blog. Almost from day one on linkreferral I’m getting reviews that my postings are funny. They contain humor and hence they liked it. Some exceptions actually found the thoughts(??????????????????????????) behind this humor. But most of them rated high for the humor.

Now the fact is that I’m not writing for all my readers. Sorry to say that. But that’s the fact. I write what I want to. I write what I liked to read and liked to comment on. So the writings may not be funny always. Don’t expect me to write funny posts always(Yeah… Yeah… Running away from expectations). As you can see the 7000+ hits mark passed I get decent amount of traffic.

The thing I’m worried is that my blog may be getting into a mould. A mould where only funny things are written and you expect such things every time you visit. You haven’t got a decent laugh of smile throughout the day and expect that this blog will make you. Yeah I would love to do that. I will surely post nonsense. The only thing I want from you is that don’t consider this as a full fledged humor blog.

And to surprise, I’m getting listed as No. 1 site in my category on linkreferral. Nonsense getting No. 1 position!!!!! I was totally wrong. I feel that now. There are these guys who love nonsense to read. Hats off to them. Enjoy reading…..

Think Nonsense…

P. S. : While writing the word “mould” is getting underlined. I’ve horrible english spellings. Is this the wrong spelling or that they forgot to add this word to dictionary??

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