High on Highway

I was trying to think of a good title to the post. The above title is a short story in a movie which consist of ten stories put together. No need to guess that the movie turned out to be a mess. Unlike the movie I don’t want this post to be a mess. It is about drinking alcoholic drinks and finding yourself lying somewhere near the gutters.

Have you got drunk anytime? If you have then you’ll know the good feelings behind such incidence. I am suddenly talking about this is because I heard a talk related to this yesterday. (And you were thinking I am drunk too??) I thought of writing about this. Who knows if someone reads this and changes his mind and stops drinking. That would lessen the stress on alcoholic rehabilitation centers. (I got that right after some practice.)

This was a mother talking about the bad drinking habit of her son. At first I was just going to ignore the talk as I hear lot of things like that. Moreover she was not talking to me. I was just an audience. She tried everything to stop the drinking habit of her son. She failed in everything and doesn’t know what to do. One thing hurt me. She tried telling her son to earn and get himself food. Then this good son of her’s complained to neighbors that his mother doesn’t even give him food to eat. Imagine what would happen to a mother’s heart??

In spite of all the bad thing, she is still trying. That is mother. That is the love of a mother towards her son. Towards her children’s. However bad they may be, they are still her children’s and she’ll continue to love them. While leaving that conversation I wanted to write about this. I wish she gets success in her efforts. I wish every mother and every person in the world doing such an effort gets a success.

And please don’t try to bang your head trying to relate the title of the story to the post. I am bad at putting titles to my posts. =]

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