I got my first award

Time is a great teacher. You learn many things as the time passes on. I am not an exception. When I started this blog I was not a great writer.(Neither I am now.) I had a bit of hesitation before starting this blog. So instead of starting on 1st January, I started it on 1st February.

What was the hesitation for? I had urge for blogging after reading many blogs throughout the internet. Whatever answer I wanted, the search would land upon a blog most of the time. And they had beautiful explanations with good use of language. This was exactly my weak point.

I am not fluent to English. The reason may be that I have very few conversations in English. So forget about writing good in English. As I said I didn’t knew how to write a good blog post. Now the things are changed with time. At that time I wasn’t able to write quickly on a given topic. Now I can.

It was overwhelming response to wherever  I submitted my blog that pushed me to write better and better. At linkreferral my blog has 9.7/10. At blogcatalog I have 4.6/5. That looks pretty good for someone who thought he couldn’t write.

I felt writing all this because my blog got it’s first award. Oh well it’s not an Oscar award for blog but it is an award that appreciates your work. Its named Noblesse Oblige Award. I am grateful to the author of the blog for giving this award. I hope more of such awards come and are given to up-coming writers which will encourage them to write.

Now I am getting greedy. I will nominate myself for Oscar awards. I just remembered. For all the twitters there is something called shortyawards. I have been nominated in “nonsense” and “cattitude” category. You can vote me there. Well there is “egocentric” category as well.

Till I get next award…
Think Nonsense…

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  1. Hey bro. I really admired you have so many followers in twitter, would u like to share some tips, btw, congratulation for your 1st award, i will vote for you at shortyawards, keep it up!

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