Womanist Musings

There are times when you get closer to the reality it hurts. Very few tend to write on the real things and express it in a way that will leave a place somewhere. I like to read such writings and believe me they are getting very rare. Most of the times writer tend to write on fantasies and own creations. That is because it sells faster. Believe me that a good writer will try to write something on reality. This blog is something about such thing.

Womanist Musings is one of the blogs which goes towards the reality and tries to bring out some issues which were never in focus. When I first hit this blog i thought it’ll be just another political blog expressing blah blah about democrats and republican parties. When I started reading carefully and peeking through archive gave me an idea of how good the blog is.

Everyday stories with a different perspective are common but these are not just everyday stories. As the name suggests most of the stories are related to woman. I am confused though that the blog name is due to the above reason or because they are being written by a woman. Almost every story will strike you. If you re a good reader then you’ll be back.

Author is a woman. Now this is my third consecutive blog which I featured in Sunday review and written by a woman. For a change, next week’s will be different for sure. One thing I noticed about the blog is it’s loading time. It loads slow. There are youtube videos added which makes loading slower. There is a good use of pictures and they blend with stories beautifully.

Blog: Womanist Musings
Author: Reena
Layout: 7/10
Content: 16/20
Readability: 3/5
Frequency: 10/10
Loading Time: 2/5
Total: 38/50

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  1. I’m in agreement with you. I had only skimmed a bit of the blog. After reading through it, and really getting to where she is coming from… (instead of read and run as it sometimes happens) ~ I find I enjoy what she has to say.

    Sometimes I have to re-read what she’s said… just to get it. Her writing is done very well.

    Good blog review. 🙂

    Mon and where do you get these smileys!

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