Lecture by a fool

Yesterday I was offline for most of the day. If you follow me on twitter then you must be knowing that. And if you are regular reader of my blog then you know how much religious I am. Actually it’s the whole family. When you stay in such a family, you are easily attracted towards the rituals and religious things done. That’s a good thing.

So yesterday was another religious ceremony. Like always, I had to be there and I was there for the whole day. You feel nice when you attend such things and I cannot miss that peaceful feeling. With me, my family and cousins also attended this ceremony. As always we had a chat and fun during the free time. This time it was a different talk from my side.

As most educated(educated only followed by a period) person in my whole family, They consider me as an idol. This happens with most of us. We keep someone as an idol and mostly it’s our elder brother or cousin. Unlike me, they have not done well in their studies. I used to give them advice and help whenever required but no effect. After being quiet for so many years I finally broke the silence.

I never considered myself someone whom you can consider as an idol. Though I want to be one. I tried and I am still trying. I told them all the things which I always wanted to speak up but I never did and never got such a chance. They all are intelligent and could have done better. They are into such a fields which they don’t deserve. Their intelligence is of higher level studies. I told them this and some advice which I cannot predict whether they will follow or not. The only good thing, apart from breaking the silence, was I could see that they realized their mistakes from their eyes.(Look into my eyes. I can read you)

They even said they’ll try to do better and think on all the things I said. A sigh of relief for me. After talking all this I realized I just gave a lecture. Yes, that is what I used to call such an advice given by my parents and all others. My stubbornness is what made me to reach this stage of my life. I only hope that this lecture by a fool turn them into wonderful person.

Till the next lecture by this fool…

Think Nonsense…

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