A Moviebuff Mouse

Watching movies is one of my favorite time pass. And over the time I have watched a lot of movies. Some good, Some bad and some ugly (Yeah!! I loved The Good, the bad and the ugly). So you can say that I am a moviebuff. Not a hardcore movie buff who owns latest or state of art technology to watch movie and for viewing pleasure. For me it’s just 17″ monitor with 4.1 speaker or 29″ flat TV with a DivX player I bought recently.

Since there are fights for the TV, I watch movies on my PC. It is a 3.5×3.5 room with my PC as center of attraction. Adjacent to this room is store room where all the junk is stored properly(irony???). There is a lot of stuff and it houses mouse or rats periodically. It’s like a guest house which leads them to their judgment day. Normally only one guest comes, but occasionally it brings some company with him. In such situation there are strange sounds of things falling in the store room and utensils from the kitchen.

That day I was watching a movie called Life is beautiful. Fantastic movie. While watching the movie I was unaware that there is someone else who is in the audience. I felt some movement to the side of my chair. When I turned, this little spectator was watching the movie. And he was still watching the movie even when i turned towards him. Suddenly he got aware and ran away sliding on the floor.

A moviebuff mouse

The next day he was found dead in the store. The rat poison works. Who said it doesn’t work?? Though it states that rats will die outside the house. There is some strange resemblance in the ending of the film and the end of this mouse. Both the heroes die. This mouse enjoyed a day or two in our house and was killed. Similarly Guido enjoyed till the last moment with a smile on his face. I am unaware whether the mouse watched some more movies with me. The only moviebuff mouse I ever saw. While in school I was told that the company you have affects you and your behavior. That mouse was a proof of that.

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