Is this suppose to be “The End”??

Finally after 59 hours of trouble the fight between terrorists and policemens come to an end. For the last two days Mumbai was experiencing what is supposed to be the biggest terrorist attack on India. A very well planned and executed attack that certainly has created an environment full of fear. The whole city was and is still under the shadow of fear.

It hurts me in the way this was handled. As usual the politicians made similar statements what they say after the blasts or terrorist attacks. It is foolish of media to surround them every time such an incidence occurs and in return they get the similar replies. I cannot forget our “Home Minister” who is busy in protecting his home. No actions are taken to prevent such incidences. He is a busy person. He has to also look after his party and breaking up members of opposition.

What I watched on TV suggests that there were more than 20000 policemens, 800 military soldiers and 200 NSG were involved. Can you guess the number of terrorists that these can deal with?? It must be a big number. But here they were just around 15. I don’t have the perfect figure as nobody does. I feel ashamed of the training, the quality of training given to our soldiers. I feel ashamed that it took 59 hours to tackle 15 terrorists.

There were 150+ killed in this incidence. That includes 10 foreigners. 15 brave soldiers gave their life in this mission. And all this because of the careless government. The same sleeping government who wakes up for a while when someone blasts around the ear. Then goes to sleep till the next event occurs. They know that Indians have poor memory and they forget things easily. There have been six bomb blasts in the span of six months. Who remembers?? I don’t.

I felt media also didn’t help in situation. Terrorists were in update of what’s happening outside through the news channels. And these channels were busy in grabbing more and more “bytes” rather than helping the situation. It would have been really great if all media should have decided not to cover up the event till it completes. No. We want to give people live entertainment.

In the end I would like to salute to all the soldiers who gave their life to save of others.

Jai Hind!!!

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