Why are you late??

Way back when school was school and not a way to earn money, there was a lot discipline in the schools. I remember my school days. I studied in a christian school where discipline injected in our bloodstream. You can compare that with the military training. Schools too can discipline as effectively as the cadets or soldiers in military. The dumb students or those sitting at the back of the class surely think school as military camp.

Being late in school was never allowed. I hardly saw anyone coming late to school. When there was someone then that student has to take a long walk towards the principals office. To be frank, Our school was in discipline just because of our principal. There was a fear for him in my mind till my last year in school when he taught us maths. He always asked me for the answers and my answers clicked often. And throughout the school life I never heard that question.. “Why are you late??

Moving on to the college life, I was free like a bird or better like an ox out of control. Coming late to college was now regular. Contrast to my school life I hardly remember a class when I was on time. That was also because of traveling. I had to travel for two hours from my home by bus to reach college. And in spite of all these things I never had this question fall on my ears… “Why are you late??

School over. college over. Now comes the difficult part. Due to my free life in college I became undisciplined lost the value of time. That was strange. But it happened. I managed myself to adjust to the professional life and success. Though the day came. I cannot remember the first time I was fired this question. It was not on my first job. Boss of my work(I use that term for a reason. I’ll explain someday.) was not harsh. So there was no shouting at me even when I repeated this many times later on.

I was disciplined from my first standard to XII then how come four years change the discipline of 12 years?? That’s 1/3 time. Actually a moment or an incident is enough to bring the change. Things thought in our childhood are  difficult to erase. Then how this happens? Currently I go late on my work. There is no one on top of me other than boss of my work. He is always busy is “something else”. I am trying to purify my bloodstream. Let’s see when this happens. Till then…

Think Nonsense…

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