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Thinking Humor

I laugh. You laugh. We laugh. And probably everybody laughs. This is because most of us love to laugh. We like to enjoy. We love happiness. Add to this all good things(and may be bad things) that put a smile on your face. Just ask one question to yourself. Do you think over the humor? This is tricky question and may sound foolish. Give a try and ask this question. Very few will return with “Yes”.

There is humor which makes you think. I like that type of humor. The one which makes you laugh for some seconds and then makes you think for minutes. The best example of such humor is the cartoon that comes in everyday newspaper. There is always some thought behind that cartoon and it makes you think for a while apart from making you laugh.

Just to give an example I’ll try to recall a cartoon’s line I read recently. There is a man reading the newspaper. He says,”I am sick of reading the same news about bomb blasts. Where is our old daily news which includes scams and scandals by our political leaders?” It seems they are out of form and terrorists are in form.

The advantage of such humor is that it hit’s your heart and nowhere else. This leads to a change. When your heart is hurt, you are in bad pain. You do things to heal it. Bandages and antiseptic creams doesn’t work here. There are peoples who don’t like you to make fun of them. You’ll say something that will hit his heart. Then he’ll punch you in chest. Now you have to say “Straight hit to your heart”.

This humor is most difficult to create. You need to keep a habit of making serious situation lighter by cracking the humor related to topic. I am still trying…

Think Nonsense…

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  1. You nailed it. Being funny is hard work, but worth it. However, every time I worked to be funny, the joke fell flat. Contrast that to side splitting laughter from an off the cuff remark.

    I guess the trick is to make a worked joke, appear as an off the cuff remark.

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