Is this suppose to be “The End”??

Finally after 59 hours of trouble the fight between terrorists and policemens come to an end. For the last two days Mumbai was experiencing what is supposed to be the biggest terrorist attack on India. A very well planned and executed attack that certainly has created an environment full of fear. The whole city was and is still under the shadow of fear.

It hurts me in the way this was handled. As usual the politicians made similar statements what they say after the blasts or terrorist attacks. It is foolish of media to surround them every time such an incidence occurs and in return they get the similar replies. I cannot forget our “Home Minister” who is busy in protecting his home. No actions are taken to prevent such incidences. He is a busy person. He has to also look after his party and breaking up members of opposition. Continue reading →

Real face behind the mask

Behind the mask

Hide and seek. It was one of our favorite games in childhood. It is now becoming extinct. But wait… it is now being played by terrorists and our Indian government which cannot find the criminals. A similar situation like that in hide and seek comes up when you hide your face behind a mask. What’s the reason for hiding your face?? It is difficult to identify the person behind the mask. The same way you find peoples around you wearing a mask. You cannot see that mask. They are different for  you and different for others. The major source of this problem is society. It creates some unnecessary rules which are broken most of the time. Rules don’t apply to you when you are behind some mask .

Keep guessing who is in the mask….

Think Nonsense…

Part of Life

Our life is made up of many wonderful things. We try to enjoy every moment we get. Atleast I do. And many parts combine to form our life. It’s not just good things but the bad things also become a part. The life continues and with our life these become an essential element. We cannot live without these now. It is difficult to imagine life without these bad things.

Now why I am talking like this?? It’s related to the current bomb blasts in India. These bomb blasts have become an essential element. We cannot live without them. And we die when they happen. This is now old news. I am blogging about this after almost five days. There is no reason for the delay. But I wanted to write about this. Sadly I was afraid of more serial blasts to come. So just thought of waiting. Good thing is that they didn’t happen. Continue reading →