The Cup Of Life

World Cup 2011 Champions - India

Second ball of 49th over. Dhoni hits a six and whole India erupts. Finally.. The wishes of 1.2 billion people came true. Yes.. India won the Cricket world cup 2011. 14 nations, 210 players, Almost 45 days of cricket action and it ends on a sweet note. Every Indian around the world will sleep in peace today. The rush, excitement, tension, pressure is all over. This is the time for celebrations. For many this may be a once in a lifetime moment. I don’t know whether this holds true for me. But this is indeed unforgettable moment for me.

The last time I posted about the world cup, I wasn’t that happy with the proceedings. It was quite a dull tournament in spite of being a World cup event of a sport. Since then, things started moving. Then they gained speed and momentum and reached a peak in the final. The second half of the world cup delivered memorable moments for cricket. My only disappointment was that England wasn’t able to make it to the finals. They produced the best matches of the tournament except the one which bought them ticket back home. Some say, the England players missed their family and wanted to go back home. Could be the reason for this shameful end.

The second half of India matches was filled with excitement. They played against the defending world champions Australia and arch rival Pakistan. I predicted the win against Australia as they are weak against spin attack. But the match wasn’t easy win. India fought hard and won the match. Then came the match of the tournament. The match which makes impact on the relation between two countries. The match which is the often called, “The Mother of all matches”. India Vs Pakistan. I just wanted India to win this match. I wouldn’t mind India loosing world cup but not this match. Our team looked far better than the Pakistani team. But it’s not your talent which decides the match result. It’s the ability to handle the pressure. This match creates heroes and villains. Heroes were born and India won the match.

Then came the finals. I have always tagged Dhoni as a lucky captain and I always will. He doesn’t have that talent or the skill which is often talked about. But his unorthodox playing style and decision making works for the team. And when you are a captain of Indian team, your own skill and talent won’t matter till you win matches for India. This final was different. For the first time ever, Dhoni played captains innings. For me, Gambhir is the person who deserves the credit of the win. Just like in 2007 T20 finals, He played a brilliant innings which got shadowed. Player of the tournament was deserved by Yuvraj.

After the 2003 world cup finals, My interest in cricket almost died. I hardly watched cricket. Very few full matches. That was because of the loss in that finals. They should have at least fought and lost. But someone said. If it doesn’t end well, then it’s not the end. This final is the ending I was seeking for. I was completely out of my mind. I jumped, danced, shouted after the victory. Something I didn’t do in many years. Everyone around me was happy. Strangers hugging and shaking hands. Smiles spread all over. Cast, color, religion didn’t matter. There is only one religion Cricket and Sachin is the God. I was very happy that Sachin finally fulfilled his dream of world cup. Players carried him over shoulder around the ground.

Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. – Virat Kohli

There is much more I can write about. But I like to stop abruptly.

Till you find a moment when you are completely out of your mind…
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P.S: The real reason behind India’s win is Rajinikanth


A Tribute to Martyrs

If I Die In The War Zone
Pack My Body And Send Me Home
Pin The Medals On My Chest
Tell My Mother I Did My Best

Tell Those Pretty Girls Not To Cry
Coz I Am A Soldier
Born To Die
But Dont You Worry
To Survive In Battle,
Is My Will
Coz This Damn Soldier,
Is Born To Kill!!

We Follow Our Own Rules,
Make Our Own Norms
Ferocious We Are,
Lethal In Any Form
Tamers Of Tides,
We Play With Storms
You Guessed It Right
We Are “Men In Uniform”

No Agony, No Pain, Shall Make Me Cry
Soldier Was I Born
Soldier Shall I Die
I Live By Chance
Love By Choice
And Kill By Profession…

– Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Today is Vijay Divas. A day on which India defeated Pakistan in 1971 war. This day is celebrated to give tribute to all the soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Selflessly protecting our country from enemies which mostly contribute Pakistan. This nation still haven’t learn a lesson in spite of being defeated three times.

We say here,
One who does mistake once is Human
One who does mistakes twice is Satan
And one who keeps committing mistakes is Pakistan

This post is especially dedicated to heroes of 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. Poem at the start of this post is by Major Sandeep who is one of the brave soldier who dies in this mission protecting hostages. I salute to him and all other martyrs.

Someone said
Wars come, Wars go. My soldiers stay eternal.

Is this suppose to be “The End”??

Finally after 59 hours of trouble the fight between terrorists and policemens come to an end. For the last two days Mumbai was experiencing what is supposed to be the biggest terrorist attack on India. A very well planned and executed attack that certainly has created an environment full of fear. The whole city was and is still under the shadow of fear.

It hurts me in the way this was handled. As usual the politicians made similar statements what they say after the blasts or terrorist attacks. It is foolish of media to surround them every time such an incidence occurs and in return they get the similar replies. I cannot forget our “Home Minister” who is busy in protecting his home. No actions are taken to prevent such incidences. He is a busy person. He has to also look after his party and breaking up members of opposition. Continue reading →

Mumbai Tour

I went to Mumbai for 3 days. Just back from there. Got many things to share. last 15 days I’ve been just traveling here and there. A step away from my real life and its a totally different world I visited.

Bad thing is that my PC is down and needs to be repaired. My good old buddy is finally dead after supporting me for a long time. It’ll take sometime to get it replaced. So you may not get the dose of my nonsense posts for a while.

Will be back soon..
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