What An Idea!!!

idea bulb

Situation: You are in deep trouble. If you are a student then probably your parents came to know that you are half the time bunking your classes and sitting in the canteen, Scanning every girl that pass by you. Or you have two girlfriends and while walking with one you find the second one walking towards you. Then there is worse when you are in a zoo in front of lions cage. You tease him and make him angry only to know that the cage is not locked and he can fulfill his appetite.

These are some situations that requires fast thinking else your life is in trouble. Every situation here can be approached in various ways. That’s because we have different thinking. These are the times when your creative mind comes up with unique solutions for the situation. These are called ideas.

You need these ideas to escape from problems. Problems which are like dominoes where one problem always bring another to get the best of your ideas out of the junkyard which sits on your neck. Yeah… it is junkyard if you cannot pull out ideas from it. Just visit a junkyard and you’ll be amazed that you can become rich as many dump good things with junk. Good things do exist in junk.

Don’t drop an idea. Holding back an idea worsens the situation. Just let the idea get out of the junk mind and it will work. At least it will give you some momentum. If your idea clicks, then you can save your a** (the back part. you know what I am talking about) from your parents or the lion. Even enjoy yourself walking with two girlfriends.

Till you get an idea of what I am talking about….
Think Nonsense…

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