Problems with blogging

It’s been long since I have written anything about blogging. Did I write?? So this post breaks the silence. For the past few days I am having troubles with my blog. They are getting bigger and bigger. I am sharing them here so that I may get some help and some solutions if any. The list is small but the problems are big.

The first one is database error. This is really frustrating. Everyday I try to find more and more ways to attract real users, I succeed and then these errors. I have informed the admin. Let’s see when this get resolved. If this doesn’t get resolved in two days, I’ll be moving to another host for sure. My hobby of blogging is now my passion which is hard to hurt.

The second one is plugin updates. Every now and then plugins are updated. I get freaked out when I update a plugin and the next day another update comes to that. This often happens for bookmarkify and Related posts plugins. Due to that I have to update the files. Now the catch is I cannot update files on the server. I am still trying to figure out where the problem lies. So far I figured out that I cannot upload files more than 30KB. Is that ISP problem?? Yes may be the answer.

Third problem is not a problem actually. But it is for me. The comments have dried up. Comments are lifeline of a blog. When they get dried up you surely have some problem. I admit that my blogging over past month has not been so good due to lack of time. I am still trying to catch the heat. It’s hard for me to give up. 😉

Traffic is the last of the problem. I have stopped worrying much about this. So this is a little problem. I am going low on traffic. Thanks to the database errors which add to these. The traffic I gathered all this time through lot of time wastage is proving to go all in vain. Once visitors know that this time is not showing, they forget. They have short memory.

The good thing is that I am building up a good network I suppose. Still in the initial stage. But I’ll get through this phase soon enough. All the social networking sites are the one I am eyeing for. Check my sidebar for my twitter and digg profile. Also discovering some new stuff and new networking sites that are worth. Will do a review whenI solve the first problem for sure.

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