Refreshing Sunday

Alas… It’s Sunday again. It is a day we all wait for. Especially the working people. For past few Sundays it has been pretty troublesome and I was unable to get some refreshment. Today it looks to be a perfect Sunday. I wanted a good sleep, so I slept early yesterday. Early for me is 11.30pm. My nose was running and thought better to sleep early.

I don’t know why this happens, but I happen to wake up early on Sundays. For last few weeks. That is because of the exercise I have started. Today I gave a break, ignored, and slept only to be waked up by my friends call. Woww!!! Perfect way to wake me up. Why I don’t switch of my phone? It is fun to wake someone when he is having good sleep. I do such crime many time. Now I get it in return. It is said that you pay for all your sins here and in this life only.

Sleeping Cat on Sunday

I wake up and guess what is ready for me?? There is this bitter drink that my mother makes. Often during Sundays. Drinking this is good for health. Your stomach gets cleaned up. It should be made properly else it tastes really yukkkk.. Imagine drinking this a glassful at the start of the day!!! That is another great way to start off your Sunday. Add to that I don’t get to eat for an hour after drinking that. Cooooool….

It’s 9.00 am in the morning and I am still to have my breakfast. Since the day I started exercising I am having tough time to control my huger. Hungry for ten hours, I ate whatever that was in front of me. Believe me it was very sweet. On any other day, I complain about the same thing that was prepared.
Conclusion: Hunger can change your taste..

Then I had a hair cut. Actually I wanted to keep long hair and have a messy look. But I don’t want the polite words to fall on my ears everyday from my mother. So I am clean. A short hair cut and done. You will always be a good child and pretty neat enough if you have a mother like my.  I love her so much…

Now since it’s afternoon, I’ll start with some movies. Good thing that I forgot to recharge Tata Sky digital TV. Actually I did recharge yesterday, but they are going some upgradation and account will be activated tomorrow noon. I am glad. I’ll get to watch my movies without any interference. Overall it is looking to be a good Sunday out there. Enjoy your’s and…

Think Nonsense…

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