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Health.. Most of us ignore this word while going after wealth. Is this wealth more important?? What is the use of money if you are not fit to spend it?? I will run for money to have a girlfriend. And in this process loose my weight and may be fall sleep. And I loose my girlfriend 🙁 . So be healthy. That is what important. There are few easy things which you can follow to stay fit. There is no need of much effort. I know you are lazy person. But the things I’ll ask you to do will never spoil your “being lazy” reputation. It won’t even take much time of your life. And you’ll still be healthy and fit. If you want to be more healthy and fit get a good health adviser.

The first thing is to drink at least 2 liters of water. Your 70% of body is of water. How about a supply in drought areas?? Your body looses water through sweat and urine. An you need to add this to have a balance. Some of it is gained through fruits, food and some drinks. But nothing is good as pure water. If you are lazy and don’t perspire much you still need that water.

Do a respiration exercise every morning. It’s very difficult to get up early for you after being high all the night. Give a try. Breath in an out for 3-4 minutes. Make sure when you breath in the air goes to lungs and your chest expands not your already bulging out tummy. This way you provide good amount of oxygen to body. It keeps you fresh. Do it in mornings as there is less pollution. Better if you do it out in nature rather than the AC room.

Sleep. Probably the easiest part for you. Getting good sleep is really necessary for your body. You need to have 6-8 hours of sleep. That is enough time for the body to recover and get you ready for the next day. But don’t over sleep. That is not healthy as your body is used to some sort of work. And you need to carry it on. Don’t stay late night in parties or over the net. Yeah.. Stop webcam and porno surfing. Insomnia is very common these days due to the changed lifestyle and ignored health. Listen to some opera music and you’ll have a great sleep. Do you want me to sing for you?? ^_^

Stretching exercises. I don’t ask you to go into gym. That is way out of your mind. I know you can do gym work but you don’t want to. So just spend five minutes stretching you muscles. Think of the easiest stretching exercises you know. Probably you have already learned those in your school days or for scout training. I know some since my school. There was Physical Training class twice every week. That was useful.

Sit straight, walk straight. But do look down the road or else you may find you leg in some shit. 😀 Have a good posture. This will keep you away from back pain. Like insomnia, back pain is also one of the most common health problem. This is due to the long term sitting job you do without worrying about your posture. It’s very difficult to sit and walk straight. You need to just put a little bit of effort. If you do this successfully for a week or so then it’ll turn to be your habit. You don’t have to force yourself.

Eat food on time. As I said in first few line here you ignore your breakfast-lunch-dinner time. Your body makes a habit and want you to feed it on time. When the body needs food it waits for food. And if you don’t give it then it fades away. I get hungry at a certain time and I eat immediately. If I ignore the hunger then after sometime it fades away and I don’t feel hungry. When you eat something blood travels towards stomach to extract the nutrients out of it and to provide energy to body parts. The blood travels to stomach on time but when it finds nothing it goes back with nothing. And you loose energy during this process. Do you have a pet? Like dog. It will start barking when it’s eating time. He’ll be probably quiet unless there is a stranger coming. We had a cat and that used to be out of the house all the day. But would enter our house just at the time of lunch and dinner. If these animals can follow the time why can’t you??

You read the article because you want to be fit. And that’s a good step forward. Now calculate the time and effort needed by you to get some fitness from above simple things. I am good at maths. So from my calculation it turns out to be 10-15 minutes and a little bit of effort. Not a big deal for me. So when you are going to start??

P.S. : Don’t worry. I’ll not post this long often. This was a post I was asked to write and was rejected. So I thought it’s better to put it here and let readers determine whether it’s worth or not.

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