Memories from the past

Our life is divided into many phases. The most important is the learning phase. During this time we are dedicated to learning and nothing else. Our parents expect us to learn more than what they did. This is the time when we gather friends which we often find in different places throughout the journey of life. So this phase is more important to me. I have more experience of this phase and I haven’t tasted the other phases. :wub:

This learning phase is further divided into Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, higher Secondary, Graduation and Post Graduation. This is the system in India. Pre-primary I was too young and I can’t remember anything about that stage. Well there is one thing I do. My mother with a stick in her hand. I am crying… I don’t wanna go to school….Due to this whenever I see a picture of Goddess Durga, I picturize my mother. The stick being her sword.

Then comes the Primary. I was too much shy during this time. I hardly remember my friends and rare to meet the ones I know. I remember my class teacher giving me a paper with a speech written on it. I was told to memorize it and read it in front of all the students of the primary. That is during the assembly hour. I was so nervous that I forgot my speech. My teacher who was besides me relieved me, encouraged me. She told me to read the speech from the paper. My voice was hardly audible. She continued to give me written speeches and my voice was oud enough to be heard. By the end of my Primary school I was very confident in giving speeches. Continue reading →

Why are you late??

Way back when school was school and not a way to earn money, there was a lot discipline in the schools. I remember my school days. I studied in a christian school where discipline injected in our bloodstream. You can compare that with the military training. Schools too can discipline as effectively as the cadets or soldiers in military. The dumb students or those sitting at the back of the class surely think school as military camp.

Being late in school was never allowed. I hardly saw anyone coming late to school. When there was someone then that student has to take a long walk towards the principals office. To be frank, Our school was in discipline just because of our principal. There was a fear for him in my mind till my last year in school when he taught us maths. He always asked me for the answers and my answers clicked often. And throughout the school life I never heard that question.. “Why are you late??Continue reading →

Hostel – With Maternity Ward

If college students of both sexes are made to share a hostel, All they would do then is make babies. And you’ll need to setup a Maternity ward near hostel.

These are great words of a person designated as principal of a college in Delhi. I am always striked by the stories about sex. And I believe most of us do get attracted to such stories. I like to read them so as to make me aware of the situation. Current generation, of which I am also a part, is inclined towards casual relationship and casual sex. I have kept myself away from such relations. They are sure to make your life a bit more troublesome.

After making the above statement there was a chaos. The reactions towards the statement were almost all against the principal. Pitty fellow. Due to all pressure around him, he then said it was a “light humor”. Wow!!!!!!! A principal with a sense of humor is greatest gift a college can get. I saw three principals in my college and none of them were having sense of humor. Perhaps we all have moulded the personality of principal as a strict and discipline loving person. But this principal is different. Unfortunately his “light humor” created a “heavy situation”. So it’s better to be in the mould. Continue reading →