Lovestory 2050 – Is it so rubbish??

While sleeping on bed I had nothing much to do other than sleeping. To kill time I was tracking the path of the mosquitoes and trying to visualize the curves. Then I put these examples in my twelfth  class(In my dreams) to equation with the help of integrals. I have lost my dominance over integration and limits after my college. It seems there is no way back.

This movie Lovestory 2050 was lying for some days on my hard disk. I was hesitating to watch this due to many reviews and negative comments. But I have to. C’mon it’s got Priyanka. So I started and soon realized why this received so much booos(it’s “s” and not “z”).  Because there is a pet robot named boo in this film. I thought I’ll get my headache back and my fever will start again. I managed till the half. Then it was a bit easy.

I liked the plot of the story. But the screenplay is total mess. It is too much stretched with unnecessary events in the start. Most of you will get bored up during this time. I was about to but there was presence of Priyanka which was eye soothing. What else can make you resist the nuisance of screenplay? Our hero Harman does dance well. But fails in dialog delivery. Learn some acting. Go to some acting school.

Future is really well portrayed. Good future concepts shown. Excellent graphics. So far it’s the best graphics in any Hindi film. Sets are also beautiful. They are not cutouts but created in real. You can feel that. The flying taxi ride is also good. It also looks real. Overall the film is good on visual but nothing under it. There should have been good screenplay to back all the creativity.

I watched another waste film called Into the wild. Many liked the movie and it’s very high rated. But not for me. Watch it and curse me. I don’t care. I wasted my time for that film. And I am not going to waste much space on my blog for this. Go to bin.

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