It’s Never Too Late

After snoozing the alarm for two times at least, I wake up in the morning. Then I look at the watch on my mobile and suddenly I get charged up. Adrenaline pumps up like that of Popeye or Chev Chelios. Bath, Breakfast, Morning News and I run to catch my bus. I miss the bus and reach 10-15 minutes late. This time doesn’t count for others but for me it does. I am late. I don’t reach too late. So it’s never too late.

The same alarm I set an hour early a month back. What was the reason? Don’t guess. It was to start exercise. This is the most difficult activity which you are able to continue for long. I did well. My day then started an hour early. Simple 30-40 minutes of exercise and I am refreshed. What I forgot was it was summer. I already got too much of prickly heat. Due to this I had to stop my exercise routine. Still halted. Prickly heat is diminishing and soon I have to start up with my exercise. What’s stopping is the human tendency of not exercising again when the routine is disturbed. Me and those like me should remember that It’s never too late.

Due to my work in real life, my work in virtual world is very much disturbed. Many jobs and things are pending. When I decide I will finish this today, some problem shows up and I have to deal with that first. Just when I am done with that, a new one shows up it’s head. Now my work is aside and I am a problem solver. Days pass, weeks pass, months pass and my work stays at the same place. I just keep saying to myself. It’s Never Too Late.

I fought with my sister a year ago. As far as I can recall it was not my fault. Now there is a long running silent movie between us. Two of us and our parents are the audience of this movie. Ego’s clash and things get worse. Last month I said to myself, “Let’s end this”. But one side of me said, “It’s too late now”. The other side was unable to reply, “It’s Never Too Late”. I am unable to solve this mystery. Just waiting for the other side to say, “It’s Never Too Late”.

Till you are late…
Think Nonsense…

It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late.
You may not believe but there many moments, many situations, many persons where you can say “It’s Never Too Late.” I have experience some moments already. So this is out of my own experience. I believe that it’s not just me, but everyone can say It’s Never Too Late for the following things.

So It’s Never Too Late To

  • Get up from a failure
  • Start a new thing
  • Learn something you want
  • Work towards your dreams and make them come true
  • Tell someone how much you love him\her.
  • Tell your parents how much you love them
  • Start making wrong things right again
  • Start thinking positive

There may be many. These are the ones I experienced. This way you can always create a list where you can write “It May Be Too Late”. I can tell you it’s first entry.

  • It May Be Too Late to rub your back when it’s itching… :love:
  • Till the next time It’s

    Never Too Late…
    Think Nonsense…

  • To be late or not to be

    Time is the most precious thing in today’s world. This time gets more important to those who work and are professionals. Time is a question of life and death when someone is about to die. Someone is dying and ambulance is taking time to come. Time is important for those who don’t have time. That is what I think about time. But the question for today is whether it’s good to be late or not?

    Getting late is a part of life. There won’t be a single person in this world who is never late for anything. There will be at least one occasion where he is late. In a country like India, getting late is very common. Very very common. Especially in the government offices. I heard of an employee who comes to work by 12 noon, gets refreshed. By the time it’s lunch time. She goes for lunch. Works for an hour and half. Then leaves office as she have limited buses to go back home. Hardly works for two hours. Most of the offices start at 10 o’clock. One hour late.

    I can understand if it’s traffic problem. They are getting worse and worse. But hey… they don’t happen everyday in my city. I have been late many times during my job life. In my personal life not much. I try to be punctual. Often the transport hits me. I never got fired for getting late though. Being punctual always puts you in respected position. That also helps you to go ahead far more than other. On a job, you’ll earn some appreciation from your boss. That may in turn help in promotion. You see. Lots of benefits of being punctual and not late.

    What happens when you are late? Is it always bad? Everything has it’s own flips and flops. So do this “Getting late” thing. There are these moments when a person was late and his life was saved. This has happened in many bomb blasts that are now regular. Getting late to a sale may often give you things cheaper than what they sold out a minute before. This list may not be a big list. But definitely not to be ignored.

    I’ll stop here. I am getting late for something.. 😆 After all The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    Why are you late??

    Way back when school was school and not a way to earn money, there was a lot discipline in the schools. I remember my school days. I studied in a christian school where discipline injected in our bloodstream. You can compare that with the military training. Schools too can discipline as effectively as the cadets or soldiers in military. The dumb students or those sitting at the back of the class surely think school as military camp.

    Being late in school was never allowed. I hardly saw anyone coming late to school. When there was someone then that student has to take a long walk towards the principals office. To be frank, Our school was in discipline just because of our principal. There was a fear for him in my mind till my last year in school when he taught us maths. He always asked me for the answers and my answers clicked often. And throughout the school life I never heard that question.. “Why are you late??Continue reading →