Tuesday Readings 03

I was worried about being able to post this due to my connection problems. But here I am. Lets start with 5 Ways to Face Down Rejection. Have you ever been rejected?? It has happened many times with me. In different circumstances and different locations. But a rejection is rejection. It’s very difficult to face it. Especially the rejection from your so called girlfriend and rejection at an interview which you were hoping to get selected. The above post gives you five ways to face it. If you can’t face it turn your back and show your …….. 😉

Next is a blog which I love to read. Really helpful tips on communication and I want everyone to read that. That is why I promote such posts for nothing. The post I am talking about is Technology’s Effect on Interpersonal Communication. Today’s world is a small place through the various types of communication gadgets available. Now read how to use this technology for better communication skills.

Now I want to change your life. How will I do that?? You can read the post Change Your Life – One Thought at a Time – Part 1. It talks about very simple things and how one can change his\her life by just changing the use of words. Also this post contains one of my favorite things. The errors!! That makes this post a bit closer to my type of thinking. Though there is no nonsense involved in that post.

The last post… Well there is no reading involved. Just check the pictures. If you are unable to smile on those pics better start practicing. Just to warn to all the so called social cultured persons reading this blog, there is some adult humor involved. If that’s ok for you then check The guy in background.

Do comment on the posts I mentioned and if you feel then on my blog also. 🙂

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