Can you believe this?


I never saw a dog catching his tail. I would love to see if they actually do this. A real picture is worth thousand times more than illustration. If anyone does have a real picture like what I said above then please upload it somewhere and post the link here. I’ll give it a place in my post with the credits.

I am also yet to see a dog with straight tail. That tail doesn’t straighten up even if you put it in pipe for years. A research has to be done on this subject. It is one of the seven wonders in animal kingdom.

Till I find a dog with straight tail…

Think Nonsense…

Daisy The Curly Cat

I am late with today’s blog review. Many of you may have already visited here for the new blog which I am going to review. At least my counter says so. The problem was my ISP and then I had to upgrade the WordPress. Lets keep that aside and start the review. Today’s blog is a bit different. This was first of it’s kind I found. Later on I discovered some more. This is a blog about a cat. A cats diary. Can you imagine?? Looking at the blog I was sure the author must be a lady. I was right. Confirmation needed though. The blog I am talking about is Daisy The Curly Cat.

I stole that image from the blog. 👿 Hope she doesn’t mind. I was amazed by the thought of a cats diary. After reading the posts you’ll feel that actually a cat writes there. It’s so real. Illustrated with the help of great pictures the story actually comes live. You feel the story. Reading the about me I got some info about the cat which went over my head. May be it’s a type of species. Cats name is Daisy. I don’t have to tell this now. Continue reading →