I don’t like dawgs

Oops. Spelling mistake. I wanted to write dogs. Search engine will like that. :p Getting to the point, I don’t like dogs. They are good when they are friend with me. Otherwise they keep running after me. Especially the pet dogs. There is a saying in Hindi which means “Every dog is a lion in his area”. It is true. I am not afraid of lions. That’s because I never faced them. 😀 But these dogs are dangerous.

On the other side I like dogs when they are puppies. The cute looking and very friendly innocent puppies. They remember the smell of a person. So if I go after sometime they’ll not run after me. They know I am a good boy. So whenever there is a new pet in your neighborhood just go and be friend with the pet. That way you are sure that he’ll not be after you. Precaution is better than cure.

When I was in high school, two dogs made my life like a dog. I had to dodge them. I used to do many tricks and efforts so as to avoid a meet. I am still trying to recall what bad thing I did that they were running after me? I have a good sprinting speed, very good practice of running through flowing river water knee high, jumping over the compound walls, climbing trees(in born talent) and all these just to dodge the dogs. Today with this post I would like to thank them to make me learn these skills. May their souls rest in peace. Yeah they are dead now.

The reason for the above nonsense was an event that occurred on my site. While standing at the entrance of the building for some inspection a little angel came to me. This cute girl was having a fear on her face. She came to me and said “Bhaiyya, (Means elder brother) please drop me to the other lane. There is a dog which runs after me.” She was so cute and innosense falling out every word. So I went along with her. To be frank I was afraid too as it reminded me of my old days. Just after few steps one dog with a chain in his neck (must be from the famous John cena’s chain gang) appeared. He wanted to run after the girl. And the girl went furious holding my hand and almost about to cry. That dog came near to me. I saw in his eyes and he saw in my eyes and went away. Hey!! I won. Don’t mess with me next time. I dropped her to her lane. She smiled and said thanks and ran away. I cannot forget the innosense on her face.

And this incidence increased my courage level. 😆 I can now face a dog. So all dogs beware. I am not afraid of you. Better stay out of my way.

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  1. Haha,

    I love dogs. Its weird. Have you ever notice, sometimes you see a person all dogs love and then you see a person all dogs hate. I can only imagine what those dogs are thinking. (I want to rip you face off! I would love to bite into that meaty leg of your’s)

    Congratulations on getting over your fear of dogs!


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