Tuesday Readings 02

Here I am again with some of the best posts I read in last week. The first one is Matrick Pass Donkey. I don’t have to tell you guys that I love the humor touch given to blog posts. This post is another example. The author tells us about his experience of passing Matrick. How he had a crush on teacher when he was six :love: , The various types of roles he use to play, Practicals of Newtons third law. He also mentions the teachers he liked (and didn’t liked) which  I really liked. Hardly anyone mentions teachers. Now I got a post coming on this.

Next post is the second part of a featured post in my last Tuesday readings. This is The Secrets of Developing Creative Thinking Skills : Part 2. I knew that second part will be good. I was right. Post starts with a quote by George Bernard shaw and that itself is sufficient for you to go on with the reading. Very nicely chosen quote with good use of links. Author also tells us very simple things to develop thinking skills. To be frank out of the five things he mentioned I already follow the first four. Seriously I write on any paper and keep any piece of paper with something to read on. I can’t follow the last part as it’s difficult to get such people. I got one friend recently with whom I am sharing my thoughts and he is doing the same. Continue reading →

I don’t like dawgs

Oops. Spelling mistake. I wanted to write dogs. Search engine will like that. :p Getting to the point, I don’t like dogs. They are good when they are friend with me. Otherwise they keep running after me. Especially the pet dogs. There is a saying in Hindi which means “Every dog is a lion in his area”. It is true. I am not afraid of lions. That’s because I never faced them. 😀 But these dogs are dangerous.

On the other side I like dogs when they are puppies. The cute looking and very friendly innocent puppies. They remember the smell of a person. So if I go after sometime they’ll not run after me. They know I am a good boy. So whenever there is a new pet in your neighborhood just go and be friend with the pet. That way you are sure that he’ll not be after you. Precaution is better than cure. Continue reading →

Interpersonal Communication

Communication, as we all know, is the most important part in our life. Whatever we do is done through communication. Rather it be via post, or via telephone, or via personal meetings. But this communication is important. Nothing moves without this. And when you are on a job or especially a businessman, This skill is of utmost important.

The reason for yelling out above lines is the blog I came across. The blog named “Better Interpersonal Communication“. As the name suggest the blog features various aspects of Interpersonal Communication. And yes. It’s definitely Better Interpersonal Communication. After reading for a while I thought it’s a must visit for all. You’ll surely gain something of that reading.

The blog is based on the simplest template of blogger. As a blogger I visit many blogs and review them in comments or in some other sites. And I find many cluttered blogs. This is not. Things are nicely arranged and is balanced on both sides. It got some good sidebar links leading external sites. But loads quick as they are splited on both sides. Continue reading →