Dawgs smile

Dawgs smile

Smiles are always great. It just increases the face value of anyone. By anyone I mean anyone. Here it is a dog who smiles. I have never seen a dog smiling. All I know about dawgs is that they run after me, they bark, and they have sharp teeth. So this post is tribute to all those like me.

Think Nonsense…

I don’t like dawgs

Oops. Spelling mistake. I wanted to write dogs. Search engine will like that. :p Getting to the point, I don’t like dogs. They are good when they are friend with me. Otherwise they keep running after me. Especially the pet dogs. There is a saying in Hindi which means “Every dog is a lion in his area”. It is true. I am not afraid of lions. That’s because I never faced them. πŸ˜€ But these dogs are dangerous.

On the other side I like dogs when they are puppies. The cute looking and very friendly innocent puppies. They remember the smell of a person. So if I go after sometime they’ll not run after me. They know I am a good boy. So whenever there is a new pet in your neighborhood just go and be friend with the pet. That way you are sure that he’ll not be after you. Precaution is better than cure. Continue reading →