I don’t like dawgs

Oops. Spelling mistake. I wanted to write dogs. Search engine will like that. :p Getting to the point, I don’t like dogs. They are good when they are friend with me. Otherwise they keep running after me. Especially the pet dogs. There is a saying in Hindi which means “Every dog is a lion in his area”. It is true. I am not afraid of lions. That’s because I never faced them. 😀 But these dogs are dangerous.

On the other side I like dogs when they are puppies. The cute looking and very friendly innocent puppies. They remember the smell of a person. So if I go after sometime they’ll not run after me. They know I am a good boy. So whenever there is a new pet in your neighborhood just go and be friend with the pet. That way you are sure that he’ll not be after you. Precaution is better than cure. Continue reading →

Cute Smile

Cute smile. Isn’t it?? Sometimes we are afraid to smile. The reasons are the braces or the tooths like above. May also be because of yellow teeth. Don’t be afraid and give a smile. As if no one is looking at you. Set this smile in your memory and recall it in such situations.

Think Nonsense…

Dont Look Like That


“I’m afraid of you. Don’t stare me. Your face is horrible.” May be he is saying that. Panda’s look cute and they fall in “Bear” category. So you also find a teddy bear looking like Panda. Panda’s are almost on the verge of extinction. Mostly found in China their diet is mostly made up of Bamboo. They once lived in lowland areas, but farming, forest clearing, and other development now restrict giant pandas to the mountains. It is popular animal due to its innocence and cuteness.

Do you know that when Panda’s are born they weigh around 100gms and when grown up they weigh 100Kgs 😯

As I said earlier they are into the endangered species list. Mostly hunted for their soft furs. Stay away from buying such stuff. Help preserving them. May be you’ll see a different picture next time with a smile on face.