It’s Raining Man

It is raining heavily here. There is a flood like situation from the morning. There was a long break taken by the rain god and now he is fresh and working heavily. Rains almost disappeared till last 7-8 days. It has been raining moderately till today. I was happy to see the rains back as it cools down everything and brings life into things.

The alarm has been sounded three times since morning. This year there are some precautionary measures being taken in order to fight the floods. There are lifeboats standing in nearby police station. The alarm is also a new introduction in the system. Although to the best of my knowledge there was no information given about the use of alarms. There are many who will be unaware of it’s use.

Yesterday coming from my site there was rain. Due to the rain throughout the day there was beatiful climate. It was cool and soothing. I usually listen to music on my N72 when there is no friend to talk with in the bus. Some beautiful songs were being played and I flowed away into them. Then I thought of getting wet in the rain. Just when the bus stopped I walked out without opening my umbrella. Wowwwww!! I was feeling the rains. With the music still playing and my phone too enjoying the rain I walked towards my home.

It was simply great. I was very happy yesterday due to this little thing. While some looked at me in strange way and some even started laughing. I didn’t care. Why should I?? I find many people trying to get away from rains. I am one of the few who is getting closer. When I entered the gates I knew mother is at home today and I’ll have to listen to some “spiritual preaching” for why I was getting wet. She is very caring. I know that. :love:

She was busy making “pakodas” of cabbage which taste delicious. And rains are perfect time for such thing. With a hot cup of coffee and pakoda I was in heaven. Nothing beautiful like that. But one thing was yet to come. We were invited to our cousins house for a dinner. And the dish was a surprise dish. I was curious and oh men!!! It was mushrooms!!! Awesome. What else could I ask for a perfect day. Finally the rain god wanted me to sleep early and it was heavy raining which lead to power cut. I had to shutdown PC and had to sleep.

It was the “bestest” day of last 222 best days of year. Have you ever enjoyed like this?? Have you ever walked without an umbrella into the rains?? Yeah may be when you have forgot to carry one. But apart from that?? Share your views about this.

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