The Øblog

And here comes the Sunday with another review of a blog. The blog I am talking about is The Øblog. It has a different name and I am still unaware of the meaning of the title. To the best of my knowledge the symbol resembles to a mathematical symbol which is normally used to represent the diameter of a circle. I usually don’t forget things related to maths as I was known to be good at maths. Well.. They say 😉

The author of the blog is Øyvind. And that is another unusual name. After searching a bit I found that that’s a symbol in Danish, Faeroese and Norwegian languages. The domain name suggests where he is from. I checked the about page for some details about the author. Now how old is that guy?? :whistle: Continue reading →

As I see it

As per the schedule of blog theme posts this is my first one. I wanted a blog which is lesser know to others. That helps for the promotion of blog. So going through all my favorites list and bookmarks I ended up finding this blog. To be frank I am not a regular reader and he is not a regular blogger. 😉 So keeping this common thing in mind I felt of reviewing this blog.

The author of the blog is a guy named prateek and the blog is As I see it. Looking at the blog archive it’s three years old. The archive is small but contains good readings. He got a good humor. It is sprinkled all over his posts. The very common things are expressed in a different way. And that is the thing I look while reading blogs. Continue reading →