Almost all of us hate to clean our room. We want someone else to do it for us. The reason for this is still unknown. Those who are searching a topic for Ph.D can start with this. The result of this can be really helpful in understanding the similarity between peoples. This is one of the things that unites all world into one.

And there are some who do clean the room. But when they are about to go on vacation or the room will be closed for a while. The time they return, they want their room to look clean. The logic behind this is a mystery. May be another topic for Ph.D. I gave two genuine topics for the Ph.D. students. Shouldn’t they appreciate and thank me?? I’m expecting at least one reply regarding this.

Why I don’t like cleaning room?? That’s because if I clean it I want be able to find things in place. I’m used to dirty room. If I clean it then there will be time waste for searching things. And as you all know time is money and its precious. I cannot afford to loose it. I just have to hear a lecture from my younger sister who usually cleans the room. Or my mother who cleans the whole house. But for those words there is no entry. They just reflect and go back.

I wish there would have been something which automatically keeps my room clean. Since I’ve been used to the dirty rooms it will turn out to be a big change. I’ll write in detail about my messy habit in another post. I love to tell others. For my fellow readers, please keep your room clean. Else you’ll end up with your underwear at the bottom of the pile which is then difficult to take out. This happens with me many times. xD

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