The Øblog

And here comes the Sunday with another review of a blog. The blog I am talking about is The Øblog. It has a different name and I am still unaware of the meaning of the title. To the best of my knowledge the symbol resembles to a mathematical symbol which is normally used to represent the diameter of a circle. I usually don’t forget things related to maths as I was known to be good at maths. Well.. They say 😉

The author of the blog is Øyvind. And that is another unusual name. After searching a bit I found that that’s a symbol in Danish, Faeroese and Norwegian languages. The domain name suggests where he is from. I checked the about page for some details about the author. Now how old is that guy?? :whistle: Continue reading →

5000 Hits

I’m Just stunned with the response to my nonsense. 10 days ago the counter was at 4200 and now it crosses 5000. And lucky me the 5000th hit was by me. It’s not a great achievement for many. But it is for me. The response to my earlier blog here was poor. But after learning things i started to blog again. And the success. This time the credit goes to Linkreferral. 800 Hits in just 10 days. Now I’m looking forward to such traffic building sites to get more hits. So far the rating to my blog is 4.93/5. Pretty good after 48 reviews. Almost no negative comments makes feel proud. Now have to live upto the expectations and improvise more. Thanks all the visitors for the response.

Think Nonsense….

Your own website

Its not a dream to have your own website. There are thousands of free webhosts that let you create your website for free. Her I’ll list and review some of the best ones.

This will be my review based on my experience in that web hosting (Most of the times).

So watch out for some great free webhosts in this category……

Think Nonsense…