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Last week I made some changes to my blog. They were minor changes. But I had some good changes in my mind that time. Unfortunately I could not implement them as I fell sick. Was not in a position even to stand forget the changes. Yesterday I felt better and today I’m almost fine. A little bit of cough still persists. So I decided to make some changes.

First thing was to have a Favorite icon. As you can see now my blog looks different in all those tabs. You can easily identify my page due to that small image. The “G” images. What does “G” stands for?? Well “G” stands for Genius. šŸ˜€ It’s my Initial letter. There are many fancy things also. But I thought of this simple icon.

Secondly some CSS changes. Now the links in my posts appear in clear red. Earlier it was difficult to find which text is link. But now it’s clearly visible. Also the text at the bottom of page is changed. Earlier it was “Next Page and Previous Page” now it’s “Older Posts and Newer posts”. Sensible???

Third change is introduction of smiles. Now you can use the smilies just with a click. Choose from a variety of smiles at the top of comment area and click it. the code appears directly. No need to type. I know I also very lazy when it comes to typing. Just don’t spam by using unnecessary amount of smilies in one post.

The last change is the Social Bookmarking. Currently I’ve added five sites which are most popular. If I get many request for addition of particular site I’ll add it. But I hardly doubt about this. Just click the icon and the post will be bookmarked. You need to have an account in that website for doing so.

Do reply me about the changes.

Think Nonsense…..

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  1. Lol I’d found your blog ages back. But it usually had football related posts which are so not my thing. And hello I’m not an English teacher!

    :bandit: :angel: :alien: :sick:

    Yeah I’m spamming your comment with smileys. Can’t help it!

  2. Oooh fancy! Your blog page looks all parchment-y which is a good thing. And I *loved* the smileys.

    *resists strong urge to spam the comment by using all the smileys*

    :whistle: ;-( :sleep: šŸ‘æ

    My favourites! šŸ˜€

  3. I was thinking of some changes to attract users 8) . And glue those who visit. I hope i succeed. Glad to know you liked it. šŸ˜€

  4. I read your post, and i must say that your blog looks great. I love the changes you made, and i love the feeling this blog gives me šŸ™‚ . I love tme smile-icon sistem. It is a great site overall

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