Life without a price tag

The world today revolves around some shit of paper called money. Everything, well almost everything, can be bought with money.  Some say emotions cannot be sold. But what about the ones we watch in movies? They are emotions. They reflect on us. We laugh, we cry, we are happy, we are sad when we watch movies.  So in a sense emotions also have a price tag.

Money isn't everything

So what will happen to this world without money? Just imagine the world without money. While picturizing this you may get horrible pictures if you are a businessman or a banker. On the other side, one who is poor will be happy. There is no money and he doesn’t have to worry about money now. But will the life without money really remove poverty? That’s a question I cannot answer.

Now everything is free. You go to a pizza shop. Get a pizza and walk out. You go to a denim store. Choose your loved denims and walk out. No questions asked. This sounds silly. Will you call this robbing? Will there be stores, pizza shops, cafes, malls when there is no money? They should actually. The good old barter system will make a comeback. Assigning a value to something will be  a headache in such a case. We already know the value of a pizza or a denim. Reevaluating will be difficult although not impossible.

When there is no money, people will stop running after money. There will be an increase in time you’ll spend with your loved ones. You think I am wrong? Think of the first thing you will do if you don’t have to do a job. It will be your family. If not then at least it will be a time you’ll dedicate to creativity or your hobbies. This time will always give back happyness. I would love to spend some time with nature.

The current recession won’t exist if there is no money. In fact that was the reason for this topic. Money is not as bad as we think. We have given it a bad coating. If there is no money then we won’t be in our limits. We will be more greedy. When we are limited with money, we try to keep ourselves away from things we don’t need. Things which are just for luxury. If there is no money we would like to opt for them. That may be turn things dangerous. Many inventions are made just because inventors get money. There won’t be any invention. If there is then it will be limited and not spread.

So what you think now? Is life good without a price tag?

Till you find an answer to that question…

Think Nonsense…

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