Tuesday Readings 05

It has been a busy week. I hardly had time to read something. But still I managed to put up three entries for this week. I may be offline for the whole week. So I may not be able to pull up next weeks readings. Why to worry about next week? Let’s start with this weeks readings. Please don’t visit and don’t comment anywhere. I have to write this because I hardly get comment for this part of blog.

Everyone is worried about wrinkles. There is no one who will like wrinkles. This post by a doctor puts something about wrinkles. It is useful and I thought of sharing. It roughly tells us what is good for our skin and what is bad. Read the whole articles about wrinkles at Dr. Jarret Morrow’s Arthritis Research Updates: A wrinkle in time…

Next is an interesting one. My almost all readings are interesting but this one is more. It is about hypnosis. There are many misconceptions about the hypnosis and this post tries to clarify some of them. It has succeeded for me. Some misconceptions cleared .If you have any misconceptions then go here.

This one I read yesterday. I really liked the mom’s writings. They are really funny.The blog is not a big one or and just started. But I really liked the entry. It’s a bit of adult humor. I am sure you’ll have some giggles. Read the entry here.

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