Telecom Day Gift

I don’t know how many of you knew this. But yesterday, 17th May, is supposed to be world telecom day. And do you know what gift I got?? My net connection was down for whole day. And it started working just a few minutes ago. Maybe  my ISP wanted to show their importance.

I usually post very early in the morning. That way the post published can be read by users in offices. Many of us just login to some daily blogs and news before starting the work. So for me its better to have my post published before the working time. One of the tricks I’m using to increase the readers to my blog. Not sure how far this works. But my guess that it works.

I waked up and turned on PC. Opened the browser and nothing is working. I thought it may be down for sometime. But no. I waited for an hour and it still didn’t work. I thought may be its an OS problem or a router problem. Somehow I came to know they were ok. So it was ISP that was having the problem. I tried to contact some of my friends who have connection with same ISP. But I couldn’t reach them. Then today morning called my friend who owns a cybercafe. And he told me that it’s not working since 8pm on 16th. Must be some major problem.

Whenever I’m offline I’ve great time. I watched some movies and was able to concentrate more on my .NET project. Things always happen for good. May be I should thank my ISP for that gift. It turned out to be a good one.

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  1. The project is about my day-to-day calculations. It takes one hell of time to perform the calculations manually. Hence I decided to go with project. I don’t know much .NET. but learning it alongside. So it’ll take some time.

  2. I also didn’t know may17 was telecom day. I would ahve made some sort of telecom announcement on one of my blogs had I known. Thanks for the info, I’ll add this to next years calendar :o)

    Hopefully your .Net project is coming along well. I’d love to hear more about what kind of project it is!

  3. It does makes sense after-all! Thanks for the info — i didn’t know that May 17 is Telecom Day. hehehehe. I just know that major holidays in May are labor day, “may” day in UK and Mother’s day. hehehe.

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