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Phewwwwwww…This domain thing made me go crazy for a week now. To notify all my fellow readers, whom I’ve not been responding for a week, I bought a domain. So please update the bookmarks. Though you’ll be redirected to this page automatically I still suggest to update the bookmarks. To all my link exchangers also. Please update the link in your blogroll. Your link stays with me anyways.

I bought this domain on 4th July. I thought it’ll be easy task to change things and within a day or two my site will be up. But no. Very poor support from my host company Hostindia made my life difficult. To all those buying a domain, I suggest not to go for the said company. Whatever I asked I got a one or two line reply without any detailed info. They should provide support when I pay them the price they want. But they didn’t. The reply timings were also not good. Queries asked after 6pm got reply after 7am next morning. This should not happen with domain seller.

The reason I went for this was that I don’t have a credit card. And if I had I would never associate it with paypal. I have some money in my paypal and I was able to buy a domain by using send money link. The activation was quick. I got the domain running very quickly. But poor support made me go mad. Now I got a lesson and know why people go with Godaddy.

As always when I’ve webhosting related problem, one of the bizhat admin, Santosh, comes to rescue. I cannot recall the number of times he helped me. And this was just another time. I asked for help in many forums, blogs and Q&A. But all in vain. Simultaneously I had asked for his help. He was busy in some project so replied late. But was the one to get me out of all this stuff. A big thanks to him. Due to the domain name change now nothing of bizhat is seen. So I’ll just put a link in my sidebar.

I’ll be making some changes also. If you find a bug or have problem with the blog please comment and let me know. Due to a TLD now I’ll put some ads so that I can earn. It’ll be on temporary basis and if the revenues are not good I’ll revert back. I’ll make sure the ads don’t cause any problems to you.

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  3. Its straight forward. Just typed the domain I wanted. Checked if it’s free and then sent the money through paypal. It’s pretty simple.
    Please don’t leave your e-mail ID in comment data. I already get it when you fill the comment form.

  4. Thats nice to hear.. Keep in touch in my blog dude… Can you send me the details about how you bought the domain and other details so on…. So it will be helpful for me…. My mail id is :alien: :alien: :alien:

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