Heroes – Season 3

While I was sleeping the third wave begun. I was really keen for this wave. The interest for this series started last season. I live in India so the season was not aired simultaneously. I didn’t knew about this stuff till the time I decided to download whole season one. I watched something 9 of 11 episodes from the last season. They were great.

Few days ago I completed the two seasons download. Thanks to torrent. They are huge and it took days to complete them. Looking at the first season episode number, I doubt I’ll ever complete watching that stuff. It needs time and patience. I have patience but time is a thing I can’t afford. I’ll try to watch that. In fact I have already completed two episodes.

This third wave looks really interesting. The prologue or whatever it is called was fantastic. I’ve watched the whole two hour episode without any interruption and believe me I was not bored at all. Thanks to no advertisement episodes. That is the beauty of torrents. It actually saved at least 30-35 minutes which I would have wasted in advertisements.

One thing that struck was the behavior of Suresh, the genetic engineer or something similar he must be called. In search of power he dared to inject himself with the dosage of separated genes. Without understanding the potential danger how can a doctor do that?? Will you do the same?? I’ll stay away. Let me be the skeleton. It needs something different to get muscles.

Now for the next episode..

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Thanks for approving my EC ad.

    After reading this post I recommend you to watch all the episodes of Heroes in the right order starting from season 1. I really enjoyed them and I must say you should watch from the beginning as all the characters are inter-connected and the storyline is fantastic. Heroes is my all time favorite series, the other 2 being Star Trek (The Next Generation) and Lost.

    Suresh’s character is very important, he’s lucky to get that role, as he also provides the narration for every episode, with his cool voice.


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