What’s the meaning of your name?

Have you ever thought of this? It could be this post which raised the question in your mind. How many of you actually know the meaning of your name? Have you ever asked about this to anyone? This anyone is most probably one of your parents. Especially your mother. But it is doubtful that they will know the meaning.

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The thought that you are meaningless hurts. For most of you at least. There are many names which probably doesn’t have any meaning. What could be the meaning of John or Obama? In India every name has some meaning behind it. It makes us meaningful. 😀 With the exception of persons like me, everyone else is meaningful.

Sometime back I tried to find the meaning of my name. I was surprised when nobody could answer that. The first time I was asked this question in seventh grade. There was art class going on and suddenly our sir started asking for the meaning of our name. There was a quiz like guessing the meaning of others name who didn’t knew. Due to too much crosswords solving, I was good at my language and was able to guess many names correctly. When I was asked about mine, I was silence. Even sir couldn’t guess the meaning. I was the only one in class without meaning.

One of great writers Shakespeare said “What’s there in name?” For me there is lot. Finally my search ended some two years back. It took a long time to find the meaning. And when I came to know, I was really happy about that. My name means “To be loved by everyone”. That is awesome. Many people like me. So that holds true. I am yet to find a person who hates me and wants to kill me.

Knowing the meaning of your name is a different feeling. I feel I am changed a lot since last two years. Is that the reason? I am trying to justify my name. To all the meaningless peoples don’t feel sad. There is lot of meaning for being meaningless. Till you find the meaning of your name…

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  1. English names have meanings, but you have to look them up in a book. You can’t guess a names meaning by looking at the name. My son’s name means “brave one.” My daughter’s name is the Hawaiian word for orange tree, lol.

  2. My name Øyvind is an old norse name originally spelled Eyvindr. Ey means luck and vindr is warrior. A lucky warrior. 🙂

    Some norsemen in old time used it also to describe a person who always have strength to continue no matter what. Where Ei meant always, vindr meant breath/guts. 🙂

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