Messy Room

My room is messy. I have written about this earlier. And I love it that way many times. Except when some guests are coming then I’ve to clean it. :love: Now I keep it dirty to save my time. See how it’s done. You can treat this as a time saving technique. Make a note of it and follow it so that you get more time to enjoy.

For instance, When I return to house after some shopping or from friends house or from anywhere, I throw my things in some places. Like my watch on the fridge. That’s not a place for the watch. My cap on a cupboard in another room. That may be a right place for a cap. My mobile usually finds a place on chair in the third room or sometimes on the table. But keeping it on table is very rare. Now just to answer you curiosity, no one sits on that chair because that chair is honorable place for a book or two.That may be a novel I bought from the library or a book related to my field.

Now Just Imagine!!! what if I keep the things in place. Remember don’t expect me to remember. So I keep things on the table which is the right place. First goes the watch then the cap and then the mobile. So while on table it’ll be like a watch and the cap on it and the mobile. So the next day I’m ready to go out and cannot find my watch. It used to be on fridge. Then after a while I remember that all all things are on table. That’s time wasted. :sick:

On a normal day I would have picked up watch on the fridge. No searching needed. My cap on cupboard and then my mobile on chair. you see I didn’t waste any time here. Actually I saved it. So which is better???
A clean room where your time is wasted or a dirty room where you save time?? :angel:

Think Nonsense…

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