Many times you want to keep an eye on your connection. How much downloaded? or how much uploaded? or to check the amount of bandwidth consumed at an interval. There are many freewares for this and I’ll try to review some on my blog. This is the first one. If you spend a lot time being online or are deep into file sharing then this is the choice for you. Especially useful on torrents and you have limited quota per month.


History – Displays the statistics for hour, day, weeks and month basis. The chart is displayed in very visually friendly manner.
Alerts – Bitmeter can be configured to notify you when certain events occur. These notifications are managed via the Alerts Manager screen, accessible via the Alerts… option on the main menu.
ISP Restrictions – If your Internet Service Provider places restrictions on the amount you can upload and download each month, then the ISP Restrictions Screen can help you to ensure that you do not exceed your monthly limit.

Stopwatch – The Stopwatch displays a timer on the main window, together with various other information such as running upload and download totals.
User Profiles – BitMeter supports the use of User Profiles, allowing different sets of configuration options to be used by different users, and also allowing separate upload/download histories to be maintained.

I Liked this software. No downsides on my side. The only exception is High memory usage. Which the developer blames on .NET and Taskmanager.

.NET framework 1.1 or later. No other particular requirements.

Download from Snapfiles

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