Small Belly, Big Belly

Time: 3.00pm
Location: The hall of my house where I am sitting on a chair with both my legs up. It’s a mystery how I got this habit of sitting.
Channel: Some random channel which was airing Munnabhai MBBS.
Scene: The scene where Munna asks Circuit to bring a dead body so that he can understand dissection properly. I doubt any of Medical student will bring a special body to understand what he is studying. You need to take interest and have a strong will, motivation to study. Circuit looks around and his eyes catch a Chinese fella.
Circuit to Chinese: Come on. I’ll show you Tajmahal, Kutubminar and all..
Chinese: No. I want to see real India. Poor People, Hungry People.

I have one question to ask. Why India is synonymous to “Poor People Hungry People”?? Who said there are poor and hungry people only in India? Why the media, especially television, display false information to the whole world? One film capturing the poverty in particular part of India won Oscar. Not just one but eight of them. Every news channel aired reviews, shows, special features regarding that movie. I agree that the movie was good. But someone should have featured the wrong side of the road.

Some 150 years back, India was richest country in the world. Then it was exploited by East India Company. It was then our country lost it’s status. Robbing was legal. Wealth was taken away to a country situated 5000 miles away by ships. That too in daylight. Current robbers should learn something from history. This topic should be made compulsory in their training classes. Will result in more successful robberies. It’s better to be a robber than a beggar.

Only this East India Company is responsible for this? Certainly not. When a small country like Japan can emerge as one of the wealthiest countries from nothing, why can’t ours?

(Space left to blame politicians, corruption and such regular stuff.) Every year at the end of February we are presented with some numbers. Some call it Budget proposed by some of the best economists in India. If that’s so, then why there are more flat stomachs than bulging bellies? Is it the health conscious India? I am not an economist or something. Economics has been a boring subject for me. In fact, I left my economics paper halfway when I was sure of getting 40 marks needed for passing. But I strongly believe that economy of our country is in wrong hands and used for personal benefits only.

So what is the solution for this? What one should do to help the economy? What can be done to erase the tag of “Poor People, Hungry People”? I don’t know. I already said I am not economist. Meanwhile you can choose the better contestant between a rapist and a murderer and proudly say “I haven’t wasted my vote” or just throw away the food instead of giving it to a hungry beggar sleeping outside of your compound. And I am going to do the thing as you may have thought of…

(Movie Continues)… That Chinese fellow is “bagged” and taken to a dissection hall……

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  1. Wow! The post sure did take a good turn to the actual topic. And yes, I hate that India is always referred to as a “A developing land of poor and hungry people.” And why the film(Slumdog mi–) made it into Oscars is still a mystery to me. There was nothing Oscar winning it that film, I guess! It’s like always. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.

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  3. I have to agree with your comment to some extent.

    I don’t know how your comment was marked as spam. 😮 I didn’t check the spam comments yesterday as I clean them every alternate days. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Its not about poor and Hungry people, its more to do with poor and hungry people in a country which is growing, has ultra rich people, and there are industries set up in slums(Ulhas Nagar) and still people are poor, and hungry not for food alone but for work also. Its more of the contrast and openness about that contrast that people come to see. China does not allow such free moment, Somalia is the famished country. But here everything is there.

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