Here I am, This is me

Here I am
This is me
Just nowhere else on earth
I rather be

I am back at last to make your brains work(in a way they shouldn’t be). I am sure many of you must have missed my dose of nonsense. If not then good for you. You’ll get some more minutes to read some good stuff. Maybe prepare a cup of tea or coffee for yourself. Good use of time. Where was I these days? How can I live my blog without an entry?

I was sick. Severe fever(rhyming words. can be used in poems). It was Friday and I was really happy that the next day will be Saturday. Not for long when I woke up with a fever of 101F. WTF??(Here WT is not a number and should be read as letters). Couldn’t stand properly, there was no way I could go on myself to the doctor. Shame on me. So took a paracetamol and waited for next day. I hate to do such thing. My cousin came and he took me to the doctor the next day. Still the fever 101F. WTF?? I completed course and went again on Wednesday. Feeling good now.

Do you now how much fun I missed?? It had to come in just those three days?? On Friday it was my cousins birthday. The same one who took me to doctor. On Saturday we have a ritual ceremony to get blessings from our ancestral spirits. I never miss that. And on Sunday it was my Father’s birthday. It was celebrated at our main house and I was “carried away” to there. In spite of being sick my nose could smell all those delicious dishes which later they didn’t allow me to eat. Just two more days. That animal will come out soon.

I’ll finish it here. Keep humming the song. If you don’t know then the song is “Here I am” by Bryan Adams from the album Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron. Do a google search you’ll get the whole album for free. See ya soon. Keep reading and

Think Nonsense…

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