U Me Aur Hum

I was very eager to watch this movie. This is the first movie I ever saw “First Day First Show”. And it was worth watching. I’m a fan of Ajay Devgan but this is not the reason for saying this is worth watching. He always delivers something which all fail to. And as from this film he has stepped into direction.

The story is about a couple Ajay and Piya. I don’t have to tell who acted as what after telling the names. Ajay is a Doctor and is living a normal life with his 4 friends Vicky, Natasha, Reena and Nikhil. Reena and Nikhil are Doctors and are married. They always fight for small reasons and later this leads to divorce. Vicky and Natasha is happy go lucky couple enjoying. Well you know what’s enjoying…..

Now Ajay and Piya meet on a cruise where Ajay falls in love with her. He tries some crazy things and like learning salsa to win her. And after some efforts he succeed. But he tells the truth about him. Like how he cheated to achieve her. Piya gets away from him and is disturbed now. After the cruise journey she realizes that she too is in love with Ajay deeply and gets with him again.

They get married. All is going well till the disease known as Alzheimer comes in their life. The real trouble starts then. How both try to sacrifice for on another. The scenes when the baby comes into picture and some hospital scenes are just superb. The best thing is the two liners that come often in first half. Ajay Devgan has been able to capture the emotions successfully. Movie gets a bit slow but does not bore you. The music as I reviewed earlier is not that good. While watching the film I didn’t understand the reason for “Phatte” and “Saiyaan” song. Though they are blended well but I thought there was no need for these two songs.

On Acting front, Ajay does well again and Kajol equals him. Both are good as always. Since the story revolves around these two, there is nothing much for others. Though they performed good in their small roles.

A few year back a film named Black tried to tell about the disease Alzheimer. In that movie another “Mukherjee” known as “Rani” acted. And now a film by her sister Kajol. But this disease is really serious and have to be taken care of. You can get more information about this disease here. If you ask me to rate this film I’ll rate it 8.5/10.

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  1. This movie is a flop. it is a copy of english movies and predictable in nature. the close ups of their aging faces are not required…avoid watching this movie its not worth it,.

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