Sleeping Beauty

I got high fever yesterday and was sleeping for the most of the time. Nearly 18 hours of sleep. Today I woke up at 8 o’clock (pretty early). I just looked at the watch and it was 8 o’clock. Right on time to see the UEFA highlights as I missed the matches due to the sleep. I don’t know why we get fever and we fall sick?? Maybe if we don’t sleep for 6-8 hours a day then this can happen. God looks at us and thinks that this person needs some sleep. Better make him sleep else he’ll never sleep.

I don’t like to sleep. So somehow I got up and turned on my PC. At present i don’t know what I’m typing. My writing will not make any sense. As like my other posts. Everything happens for good but is this also?? I have an interview on Wednesday and I’m sure I cannot recover by then. I’ll inform them tomorrow. Hoping that I may get some relief and am fit for the interview. A suggestion to all who are jobless. Don’t give an interview if you are sick. You’ll yell something which will surely fail in your interview.

Thank you God for making me realize the importance of sleep. Now I’m going back to sleep. The posts you’ll be reading for next 2-3 days are written by ghost.

Anyone here knows how to pass the time when you are sick?? I can’t watch TV and turn my PC on else I get a lecture from my caring mother. She’s out now so it’s “safe” for me.

Think Nonsense..

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