Do I Know You???

How many times?? How many times you have asked this question?? I have many times. This was another day when I asked the above question. I travel by bus as you know if you are regular reader. A tiresome day and luckily I got a seat to sit (I misspelled it at first). Earphones plugged into my ears and I was away from this world. Listening to my favorites track for some minutes. Just then I saw this guy.

He started looking at me. I have strange habit. I challenge anyone and keep looking into his\her eyes till he\she turns other way. “Look into  the eyes” is one of the most effective method to build up your confidence and also to judge how good the other person is. So I kept looking into his eyes. Just in moments the question arised. I thought I know him. Still looking at him and he was looking at me.

I don’t hesitate in such cases. I gave a smile and asked him “Do I know you??” This question itself is silly. How will a person know that I know him or not?? It should be me who should be answering the question. I quickly realized how silly I am..(for the n’th time). So he too smiled and told me that he knows me and he told me his name. I went back in to my higher secondary time. He was my classmate for two years. He was sitting in front of my bench.

It was a long time since then. He did his M.Sc. in Chemistry. This is one subject which is a mystery to me. :alien: I’ll write in detail about this in coming posts. We talked about our jobs mostly and the time after higher secondary. Time was less as I reached my destination. Surprisingly he didn’t owned mobile. I often exchange the numbers when I meet someone new or make friends. C’mon.. We all do that..

What if I had never asked that question?? What if I had never looked at him? He gave me another surprise by telling me that he saw me in the same bus earlier 4-5 times. He hesitated. I realized it’s good to be shameless. He wasn’t avoiding me but wasn’t sure that I’ll recognize him or not. Question was answered. So kids, what you learned from this story?? :p

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Question was answered. So kids, what you learned from this story??
    the answer is I’m still didnt know anything about you… lol
    btw thanks for sharing this beautifull story..

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