Cricket fever

Thank God…. The so called biggest cricket extravaganza is over. Its a week since it’s over. I’m writing today because it was still in news even after the finale. It is said to be a huge success and has changed the cricket approach. the fast forward 20-20 games will soon replace 50-50. We don’t have time isn’t it?? So how will ICC get profit with our lack of time for things. but the, When there is a cricket match it’s like a holiday. You’ll hardly find anyone working in government offices.

The whole tournament lasted for 44 days and there were many controversies during the tournament. There were fights between team players. Someone slapped someone. Someone cried like a baby. The player doesn’t charge, but surprisingly the team captain does. Then the withdrawal of the charges. Mind you that the same players play for the country as a team. And now they are fighting here. As there is a saying. Controversies, Good or Bad, doesn’t matter. They are sure to get you in the limelight. Maybe tomorrow a celebrity will be in limelight for kicking a donkey. The donkey will get some limelight also. The confusion may be who is the donkey between two??

One more was about the cheers girls. In India we don’t have that cheer girl thing. Cricket fans watch cricket and the beautiful cheeks which the cameramen picks up on the big screen on ground. So this was new thing. The cheer girls wear(???) short clothes. I can understand them. they have to survive the hot climate. Wearing full clothes is not comfortable. So they wear minis or micro mini or micro micro mini skirts and T-shirts. When they jump while cheering, skirts bounce and reveal……………ahem ahem……

All those controversies lead to high ticket sales and the IPL success. For the 44 days India was divided into eight parts due to cricket. That was due to support for each team representing a region. For the first time cricket divided this country. And this will happen every year now. I’m thinking of becoming king of India next year IPL season. Divide and rule will work this time also.

Think Nonsense….

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