This is an odd issue. The place where I work have a small security room where the workers gather when they don’t have work. And as usual they gathered but a different topic was started. India is known for the saints and holy priests. There are thousands of those who have turned this country into spiritual country. The guy who started the topic didn’t believe any “baba”. Here “baba” is a saint. He calls all of them as fraud.

Personally I too don’t believe in them. I believe in GOD. But are all the “baba” fraud?? The answer is no. There are some of them who have devoted their life to GOD in return of nothing but peace of mind. May be not that also. They just want to act as a bridge between GOD and you. But the number of such is outnumbered by the fraud ones. And that’s the bitter truth.

Not to hurt anyone’s feeling but I don’t believe in the so called Saibaba, Nanij, Swami Samartha, Akkalkot. These are few I wanted to name. But I do believe the ones who were not born in the last 2-3 centuries. The time before that was good and GOD was not just money as it has turned now.

The guy I’m talking about believed in an exception. His name is Ramdevbaba. This baba is a yoga teacher. He made good marketing of yoga and because of him yoga has reached every home in India. I do admire that. But adding a “baba” to the name is what I didn’t like. His motto was very clear and he is clever. He knew that Indians fall for the baba’s and so he named and dressed like one.

You know my answer to the question. Now do you really believe in these “baba”???

Think Nonsense…

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