Another tired picture

Tired nonsense

My words are dried up and I cannot find right combination of those. There is strike tomorrow. If that succeeds I’ll get a day off. Let’s see what happens. Till I am fresh I’ll talk in pictures. Anyone has suggestion on how to work continuously without any change in sleep? I would love to hear that.

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Hey shiva. It’s not mental condition. It’s physical. I am physically tired. And rest is the only cure. I got off day today. So feeling a bit fresh now.

  2. To keep yourselves always more and more active.. Follow these suggestions,

    1. Try to love your atmosphere.
    2. Give your full effort in your daily work.
    3. Try some sports or games per week.
    4. Love and understand yourselves first.
    5. Finally, if you have partner then lover as much as possible.
    6. Daily keep on listening to the music that you love a lot.
    7. Love your work….

    After all these things, you will definitely feel the difference.

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