How To Get Serious

After the frustrated story of nobody thinks I am serious, I thought of writing this guide. This guide is to help all those who are facing similar problems. There is a cure for this disease but it takes time and some effort. The advice below is completely free of cost and free to use by anyone for personal or commercial purpose.

1) When you wake up in the morning look into the mirror. The creature in the mirror should be familiar, may be horrible or funny. But don’t waste your energy by giving him a smile. It’s your bad habit to give him a flying kiss or giving a great smile. Don’t do that.
2) Whenever you are in a party and there is laughter bomb just count 10 to 1. This is an old theory worked out for controlling anger. It works the other way also. For those who don’t know to count 10 to 1, join a nursery.
3) Join a laughter club. Do everything others do except stretching a single muscle on your face. This may also grab some attention to you. You may get some friends as well.
4) Watch everything about Mr.Beans. Just don’t forget the 10 to 1 count.
5) Subscribe to all the funny newsletters, news groups, yahoo groups, blogs, websites, etc. Don’t miss a single e-mail from these and the 10 to 1 count also.

And finally don’t be alone. Always be with someone. If you stay alone or get a single moment where you are alone you’ll take out all the laughter which you suppressed so far. I expect you to be honest in your toilet and bathroom. This is a serious post and don’t take it lightly. If you laughed at any instance while reading till now, then you don’t deserve to be serious.

Till you get serious…
Think Nonsense…

Part of Life

Our life is made up of many wonderful things. We try to enjoy every moment we get. Atleast I do. And many parts combine to form our life. It’s not just good things but the bad things also become a part. The life continues and with our life these become an essential element. We cannot live without these now. It is difficult to imagine life without these bad things.

Now why I am talking like this?? It’s related to the current bomb blasts in India. These bomb blasts have become an essential element. We cannot live without them. And we die when they happen. This is now old news. I am blogging about this after almost five days. There is no reason for the delay. But I wanted to write about this. Sadly I was afraid of more serial blasts to come. So just thought of waiting. Good thing is that they didn’t happen. Continue reading →

Black Tuesday

While writing this the day has turned to Wednesday. Yesterday was another Black Tuesday in Indian history. Seven serial blast within 15 minutes shocked the Pink city Jaipur. I never thought that blasts will take place in such a city. but they did. And now I’m sure that terror can happen anywhere, anytime. As of I’m writing 65 peoples are killed and more than 200 are injured. The pictures on television are full of terror.

The city will surely be under a terror shock. But some questions strikes me. Why the criminals, the terrorists behind the blasts are not caught?? I haven’t heard of any blast till now where all the terrorists behind it were arrested. the news sources say that the terrorists were in city as businessman’s for selling of shawls. How come the police can be unaware of this?? Just because there were no blasts in city it is safe and security can be ignored??

We pay taxes and much of this go to the military and security. But we are still insecure. Thousands of peoples are dead due to blasts. Why we are unable to sleep in peace in spite of the many security personals and the police?? I’m sure they must be involved in such acts. And that is why terrorists are never arrested. And when they are arrested the case is run on them for years. They live for years when they don’t deserve to live for a second.
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