I was very much frustrated of being not able to blog for 4 days. After some efforts(???) somehow I got this blog working. And now if it’s not being updated daily then what is the use. After searching some shops for motherboard and CPU, I found the one I wanted. Got new PSU also. Though my current one works and is compatible. I somehow fell for the words you can say.

Then it took sometime to assemble all the things one by one. It’s been long since I had assembled a PC. I plugged one by one so as to prevent any further damage. Once Motherboard and CPU got working it was easy I thought. But then a painful installation of Windows XP and all that junk so as to get things working.

Still haven’t installed any software other than my favorite browser. It feels lot better to get back to blogging again. Will continue to post nonsense.

Think Nonsense… 

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