Ubuntu 8.04

As I told you guys about 17th May being an offline day for me. I had free time and so i tried somethings. I wanted to make sure that the connection problem is not because of me or the hardware. So I decided to check the connection on Linux. Just few days ago I had downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 CD. I thought of giving it a try.


I popped in the CD into the drive and booted using that drive. The CD is Live CD. You can try Linux without installing it on your Hard disk. So to be on safer side I chose that option. It took some time to load the OS. There was lot of spinning sound from the drive. The spinning sound was just freaking. It used to be loud a moment and quiet the next moment.

After sometime the spinning stopped and the beautiful interface came up. Wait a minute…. Is this Linux?? How can Linux have such great interface??? Linux has evolved much. I was probably sleeping for a long time. Though I cannot compare it with the ease of use in Windows. But gives a good fight to Windows. Still some more time needed for the interface. There were less applications. I don’t know whether it is because of Live CD. The full install may have more. I prefer to have less application installed by default. Whats the use of applications which I won’t be using?? It detected everything except the sound card.

The connection didn’t work on Linux either and confirmed that it was not me or the hardware but the ISP. Now I’m thinking of doing a full install on HDD. Not a bad idea. It would be worth trying. But it’ll take some time to replace windows. At least I won’t be leaving Windows for sometime. And that’s not because I peek through window and watch the girl next door 🙂

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  1. I think you are not much aware about linux. These days when you say linux the name first comes is ubuntu. Just like the old days we had red hat.

  2. I would recommend if you want to do an install and want to compair with windows then go with a suse install. If you are more technically inclined do a gentoo install. I can’t say I have ever heard of ubuntu

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