To Write Or Not To Write

Finally.. After a gap of almost two months, I am writing a post. This whole year has been non-productive for me in terms of writing. There is no excuse for this. My reading habit was responsible for my writing. I used to read a lot. For instance, If I was standing near dustbin(or rather overflown dustbin) and I had nothing to do, I would pick a paper from dustbin and start reading. Sounds crazy.. I can imagine in a place far far away, a dust bin full of paper waiting for me. I wish I could go there…

My primary source of reading was and is internet. I still read stuff from Wikipedia. Whats missing is the posts in blogs. I find it difficult to open my Google reader which must have gained weight by now. There were days when we used to exercise together, regularly. Daily exercise keeps you fit and fine and slim. I could see him punching in my face with only one word coming from the mouth.. Shame.. Shame.. Shame.. Yeah. It is unaware of the fact that I am a shameless person.

The second source are books. Sometime back I took a pledge that I will read at least two books a month. I lost this habit a couple of months back. Books have always been my best friend. The only thing I can trust blindly(Though I can’t read with my eyes closed). Irrespective of how good or bad a book is, it ends up adding\aiding my knowledge. Most of the times it adds words into my vocabulary. The last two months, my habit of reading books is getting some life. Read three books so far.

Every blogger has his days. These are not mine. Over the years I have also realized that reading is similar to lying. The more you practice the better you get at it.

Till I write my next post..
Think Nonsense…

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  1. 😀 😀 We all have similar storyline at some stage of our life.
    It’s good to see you blogging also. And it looks like you are in full flow. I’ll add it to my RSS crowl list. I normally don’t miss that. :angel:

  2. Hey , Nice to see you writing up again , Also I wish to curse you for the thought that you wrote what I was going through a few months back.

    After moving to metro from a small town , Its been hectic for me to cope up with Life here and most importantly messed up my Time Management.

    All things of the past , I am too back to blogging after months and hope to stay the same for some time , till life gets me.

    Enouf about me , and Welcome Back 🙂

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